SOC 2 for fast growing SaaS companies

Use Sprinto to obtain SOC 2 compliance, close enterprise deals faster, and pass vendor security assessments with ease.

for a hassle-free SOC 2!

10x faster SOC 2 and best-in-class security

Sprinto does all the SOC 2 heavy-lifting for you. No more drowning in paperwork, documents, screenshots, etc... Everything you need is built into Sprinto. It is more than a tool - it handles *all* your complex compliance requirements from beginning to end.

SOC 2 ready in 14 days

Sprinto's regimented, step-by-step process leads you to SOC 2 readiness in days instead of months.

Integrated SOC 2 Audit

Sprinto comes with an auditor-network baked in to make your SOC 2 audit experience seamless.

SOC 2 on auto-pilot

Sprinto continuously monitors your systems and ensures you always stay compliant.

How Sprinto makes SOC 2 simple.

1/10th the time & effort

Automate SOC 2 requirements and get ready 10x faster.

Managed SOC 2 Audits

Sprinto automatically presents evidence to your auditor.

Clean SOC 2 report

Get a clean audit report by simply ensuring all Sprinto recommendations are green.

Who is Sprinto for?

Fast growing SaaS

Win more high ACV and enterprise deals as you accelerate your growth.

End-to-end managed

With Sprinto, you focus on your business while we do all the compliance heavy-lifting

Revenue focused

SOC 2 helps you look more formidable, and build your standing as a serious vendor

No extra hiring

With Sprinto, you do not have to hire SOC 2 compliance expertise

Grow your revenue faster with SOC 2

Unblock your high ACV deals with a clean SOC 2 report.

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The Sprinto difference

The modern path to SOC 2 compliance

Save hundreds of hours, fix issues quickly with our continuous monitoring, and work with our compliance experts to get a hassle-free SOC 2.

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