Why obtain SOC 2 with Sprinto?

Sprinto is simply the fastest & best-in-class way to obtain your SOC 2. It puts your information-security on auto-pilot, and drastically reduces the time and effort you spend in maintaining your security practices.

The status quo is painful

SOC 2 takes months of work to obtain the first time, and hundreds of hours per year to maintain thereafter. Sprinto automates SOC 2 requirements, so that you are not left scrambling with paperwork, documents, screenshots etc.

Sprinto is SOC 2 for SaaS

Sprinto's SOC 2 infosec program is specifically designed for cloud-hosted SaaS companies. This ensures that your program focuses most on where the security-risks are highest. Further, a more specific program helps build more trust with your customers.

Unlock growth

Obtaining SOC 2 helps you close enterprise deals faster, and go through vendor security assessments with ease.

Eliminate knowledge gaps

SOC 2 Compliance is complex, cumbersome and laden with jargon. Sprinto is built by compliance-experts so you don’t have to be.

Sprinto is flexible.

Sprinto is extensible, and fits SaaS companies of all sizes: from startups in a garage to enterprises with internal infosec expertise.

Your compliance control-center

Sprinto is your central-nervous-system for compliance. It also supports status checks and delegation for all your tasks, procedures, and practices.

Best-in-class compliance expertise

Our team of compliance and security experts is just an email away. No more worrying about whether you are doing the right things.


With Sprinto, you will always have full visibility into your SOC 2 processes, pricing, other costs etc. No surprises.

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